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Black Family Reunion


Registration for 2022 BFRW Coming Soon

The OLD School vs New School game 2022


Registration Coming Soon, This year will be epic 2022!

Become an exclusive Showtyme360 Artist, Athlete, or Sponsor.



VIP Showtyme360 Limited Time Offer!!!!

Regular Price $2,500.00

Music viewed by everyone that purchases the Showtyme60 drink
Entry to All Showtyme360 events ( 1 Guest VIP )
Email Promotion ( one per month )
Free Business Ebook
Highlight on Music Page
Discounts on DTMcafe Page
Digital Card offers
One Music post on the VIP Page
Global Exposure
Other Opportunities as we grow
Online Avatar Opportunity to join VR Concerts (Sansar.com)

    Your Credit Card Detail:


    SHOWTYME360 & DTMcafe Presents


    Ride out with your favorite artist contest


    1st Place Prize

    A new car for the artist or fan, based on how many people voted for the artist in all. Either the fan or artist will win, when the Super Model pulls from the final total. The votes will be put in a pool and pulled at the dealership by the Super Model.

    2nd Place Prize

    $3000.00 cash prize

    3rd Place Prize

    A Recording studio package
    A trip to Water’s Edge Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    *All artist need to submit their videos for $19.99. You will be uploaded on the Showtyme360 page when you purchase any silver or gold package package you will be eligible for the contest or pay the cost will be 19.99 just for the contest . once you register you will be assigned a number your video. Refer guest to the page and you will be able to receive the votes. One vote per email only.

    Fans can vote for 99 cents (or they need to have a gold package membership)
    After 50,000 votes the contest will end and we will draw the winners at the dealership

    Customers can only vote 1 time per email and it would be a race to 50k votes.
    Gold, Silver and Platinum members get a free vote. Non-members are 99 cents per vote.

    Anthony M

    Exclusive Release

    THE B-Boys ARE BACK 2020

    Welcome to the Start of the A Oldschool Era , In the 2020’s

    Break Dancing “Is now a Sport”

    Attn: B-Boy, B-Girls, Hip Hoppers, Body Rockers, Lockers, Boogaloo Kings and Poppers now’s your chance to be seen, heard and felt!

    With our capabilities you can now have your own professional profile page which will be seen over and around the globe!

    Get your work seen by agents, promoters, movie/film execs etc.Prices starting at $20.00, hurry while deals last!!!

    Monthly subscriptions are available for a low fee, don’t miss out!!!


    Bigumms Production, Dick James/LaTrese Management, Hands High Entertainment, Stardom101 Magazine and Donttellmarv is working on a Seven Figure Deal to consolidate the collaboration of entertainment efforts to leverage Showtyme360 to become one of the major producers of entertainment in the Chicagoland Area. But not only local, the four power house companies have decided on a merger with other established companies in Atlanta, Mississippi, Las Vegas, Chicago, Joliet, Columbus, Richmond, DC, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Birmingham, Augusta, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Shreveport, Columbia, Denver, Charlotte, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Louisville, Indianaplolis.
    Hands High Entertainment offers a platform/outlet for unsigned artists and groups in and outside of Chicago, to perform on stage and network with other artists, producers, magazine reps, radio celebs, DJ’s, and local/neighboring promoters; we also create opportunities for a new fan base, opportunities to showcase their talents in different veneus!!!

    We offer live videos, live photos, graphic design, CD duplications, T-Shirts, Banners, Stickers, Flyers, Graphic Design Artwork for Mixtape Covers for Promotions. We offer interviews with radio hosts (Power 92 RAWTV with Seandal, The Crown Holder, Lawless Radio, OG Radio & Kushedout Radio), Chicago TV associations (1Love1HouseTV Channel 19) and set up bookings for surrounding shows, events, with other promoters. We put together events, showcases, contests, listening parties mixtape release parties to promote local talent.We are here to help, mold and we also get the greatest joy from helping artists/groups help themselves!!!

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              To whom it may concern, The above stated Hosts, persons, groups, contractors, vendors or separate
              parties listed in this notice shall not be held accountable or liable due to injury, damage, loss of property
              or theft while participating at the above stated event.

              This notice shall serve as a waiver of agreement to the signee participating in The Black Family Reunion
              Weekend/Old School VS New School Basketball Game, Hosted by DTM Cafe.

              *Vendor Conduct: All participants of this event shall operate and conduct themselves in a professional
              manner at all times. Fighting, swearing/cursing or obscene gestures will not be tolerated or allowed.
              *Participants are encouraged to provide their own business insurance coverage*

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