If imagination is the fuel running the website then technology is the engine making it work. Technology takes care of your business from behind the scenes. DTR is an industry leader in web-based technology delivery. We have developed back-office applications which include: content management, customer registration, email marketing, and online payment systems. The integration with your current database systems can also make your website more efficient.

Business websites are changing the way you conduct business. Your website should provide up-to-date information, encourage reviews and allow users to sign up for events or buy items via an online catalog. Your website will disseminate product information, generate leads, take orders and create your customer database by using database programming.

And the results are stunning. For example, over 80 percent of companies have strengthened customer relationships in the field of online purchasing through a database-driven business website. And many companies are putting in place new strategies for the database.

Supercharge your efforts on your website. You don’t have to leap high buildings at one turn, run faster than a locomotive, or be attacked by a radioactive spider to create a website for a database. You do need to call DTM, though. By collaborating with DTM’s strong and innovative team of professionals, your company will achieve time-and cost-effectively incredible website database growth.

Web design is always evolving as something which has both artistic and technological elements. Not only do tastes and preferences appear to evolve over time, but new tools, programming types, and platforms for CMS open up new business opportunities.

And, if you haven’t had a new business website in a couple of years, you might be shocked at how much has changed meanwhile. Here are three important differences that you should keep in mind:

1. People expect to see more done on websites. A good business website used to consist of just a nice layout and some contact details. Today, however, people expect to get more features from online tools, applications, and custom programming.

2. Websites that are open and mobile-friendly are a big deal. About half of all web traffic originates from smartphones and tablets, experts say. This means your website must be accessible on any kind of web-ready computer.

3. There is more rivalry in the past than there was ever. For your customers to choose from there are more websites out there, which means you need to do more to stand out in the crowd.

The world of website design never stands still and neither should the internet marketing strategy. If you’re thinking your site isn’t up to date, now’s the best time to talk to a DTM.


  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Demo Prototyping
  • Database Setup
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Updating

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