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Our company offers online marketing, consulting, and management that provide and easily attainable way for up and coming artists, small business and enterprise corporations to showcase their brand with low cost to their bottom line. United by three power house entertainment labels provides the visibility and the direction thats needed in the industry


J Menace

Anthony M

Vaun Mayes

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                  To whom it may concern, The above stated Hosts, persons, groups, contractors, vendors or separate
                  parties listed in this notice shall not be held accountable or liable due to injury, damage, loss of property
                  or theft while participating at the above stated event.

                  This notice shall serve as a waiver of agreement to the signee participating in The Black Family Reunion
                  Weekend/Old School VS New School Basketball Game, Hosted by DTM Cafe.

                  *Vendor Conduct: All participants of this event shall operate and conduct themselves in a professional
                  manner at all times. Fighting, swearing/cursing or obscene gestures will not be tolerated or allowed.
                  *Participants are encouraged to provide their own business insurance coverage*

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