Iron Chefs of the Hood!!!

Iron Chef of the Hood, Is about 2 brothers from the hood that have a passion for cooking good food and having a good time with families in all types of atmosphere, Adrea and Puncho are from the small town of Joliet, Il in which they both grew up in various types of hoods. from the East Side, Southend, Westside, Hill Top, Preston Heights, and Collins Street area. We have seen all types of foods, where there is barely something to eat or a vast amount of food. This is what we do, We ride around on weekends and pull up to someone’s house and knock on the door and ask if we can share a meal with the family unannounced. But we will cook a meal for the family with whatever they have in the house, no matter what the house looks like, the people in the house, location, with pots and dishes they have and always bring a special guest.
Oh yea, we always have something special in the trunk, just in case we need to go back and get sum sum extra to spice up the meal. It’s called parking lot pimping.

People can register for free on this page and let us know they welcome us to their home, they will fill out the interest form and we will give them at least 30 minutes heads up before we come. you will never know who we will select out of all the people that fill out the forms. We will have a live interview at the house and give out gifts to the family. We will Look around the house and call the Hip Hop Santa to bless them, Upgrade a few things in the house

Cause we are “Iron Chefs of the Hood!!!”

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                    To whom it may concern, The above stated Hosts, persons, groups, contractors, vendors or separate
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