As a hotel with 5 stars, DTM is happy to provide you with the finest and most accessible hosting services. DTM provides a robust, qualified Web hosting and monitoring service. We can actually design, develop and implement all of the server set-up processes.

Next, we ensure your website is hosted on a server that is reliable, stable and scalable. We track the server regularly and check your website to ensure everything is running smoothly. When a problem arises, we’re there to help solve it.

DTM is an expert in setting up servers to meet the needs of your website. We can manage domain registration, URL routing, email accounts and extreme set-up of applications. We’re one phone call away from all your server needs being answered.

We can also give a detailed picture of your business who is visiting your website, where they are going and how much time they spend on your website. This information is invaluable to know where customers and prospects stand with your company. DTM provides a comprehensive server solution for your company. DTM will help the business grow with flexible solutions, from basic small business websites to enterprise-level extreme databases.

5 Ways To Keep Your Website Protected And Secure

Should you constantly worry about your business website is safe and secure? If so, you’re certainly not alone–with more and more cyber attacks being front-page news, companies of all sizes are forced to pay more attention to their security online.

But while that’s obviously a big subject, we want to give you four quick and simple tips to repel the most common types of online attacks and security issues:

1. Regular security updates are mounted. Many website hackers are searching for pages that have not been patched, so they can exploit older (and previously unknown) security holes.

2. Making the most of an enhanced hosting kit. Good web hosting packages are not much more costly and include advanced security features and automated backups.

3. Account information and passwords are updated regularly. It goes without saying you should change passwords regularly, and use combinations of letters and characters that would not be easy to guess.

4. Every week make use of and review your own website. Sometimes the best way to protect the site is simply by looking at it like consumers might, looking for anomalies around.

5. Train your employees, and restrict access. Make sure your employees know how to securely update your website, and don’t give full web access to staff who don’t need it.


  • Professional setup and analytics
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Scalable for Growth
  • Domain Services and Registration

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