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Email Marketing

The rubber hits the ground by email marketing. But why should you consider promoting your company by email? Secondly, email marketing is a low-cost investment and a strong ROI return. The email delivers far more in exchange for every dollar spent. Email is more cost-effective than traditional marketing via direct mail.

Second, the majority also tend to use email. Many users of social media say that email is the best way to communicate with businesses.

DTM can help set up an effective email marketing strategy for your client. An email marketing campaign will hit a wide target audience within a short timeframe. The point of entry minimal in time and investment.

To determine the campaign’s effectiveness, email marketing can be assessed in detail regarding available, click-through, and conversion rates. An email marketing strategy can be tailored using a customer database with specific information directed towards targeted groups.


  • Creatively Designed
  • Professional Production
  • Content Curation
  • Email Server Setup
  • Scheduled Releases
  • Measurements and Analytics

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