Conversions are all about building a successful e-commerce website. It doesn’t matter how many people you can draw to your landing pages, what kind of goods you upsell or how much the rates are if you can’t turn tourists into buyers.

It can be harder to get people to finalize the orders than it seems. Online competition is heavy, and every advantage they can get even well-designed websites need to. With that in mind, here are five simple ways to make trade conversions easier on your online store:

#1: Know Who Your Consumers Are
Too many e-commerce sites designed as if they were meant for all. On the other hand, the most popular online retailers are geared not only toward a specific product or market, but toward an actual specific category of customer. The more you learn about your clients, the easier it will be for you to move the “hot buttons” to zero and to meet their needs and wants

#2: Bring in Repeat Visitors
No matter how great your online store is, most customers would hesitate to buy something from you the first time they visit. That’s why it’s critical that you have some form of lead-capture tool (such as a newsletter or coupon code) that later brings them back. In fact, when you increase the size of your mailing list over time, you may find
that the closing rates for your email newsletters are much, much higher than those for initial visitors.

#3: Target Buyers (not Shoppers)
With PPC Ads many first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs like to use their first advertising campaigns to target large, high-traffic keywords. That is a major mistake. You don’t just want search terms that draw the most users-you want those that turn the highest rates into completed sales. Think about what someone who is serious about buying, rather than just searching for information, would be looking for, and then tailor your ads towards those words.

#4: Offer Buying Guides
Remember that not everybody who wants to make a purchase from your e-commerce platform already knows what to sell. Why not illustrate these in an easy-to-understand buying guide if there are variations between brands, product categories and so on? They not only improve sales but also give you unique content that is hard to copy for other online stores.

#5: Give Buyers Guarantees
Numerous studies have shown that money-back incentives seldom increase yields, even if they do boost sales. That is because most people are going to do the work they need to find the right product. But they like to have the “safety net” of a satisfaction guarantee at the critical moment when they decide whether to buy or not, even if they are unlikely to ever take advantage of that.

Interestingly enough, one of the online store’s best ways to increase revenue is to stop thinking like a marketer and start remembering the items you like and enjoy as a customer. These five tips are supposed to help you get started in that direction… and thus make your e-commerce site more profitable.

Our eCommerce Production Overview
Strength & Flexibility–Designed for consistency on core WordPress features, with enough hooks and filters to please the most ardent creator of themes.

Smart dashboard widgets–from the WordPress dashboard keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales and feedback, stock levels and general store results and statistics everything.

Apps–There are more apps in our e-commerce solution than you can shake a stick. But don’t just take our word out for it, just try it for yourself.

Admin & Reporting
WordPress centric-Our e-commerce approach is based on the core functionality of WordPress. It applies to the back-end interface, where each and every admin screen and write panel are designed to work with the WordPress interface seamlessly. You should feel right at home once you start to use it.

Comprehensive sales, customer and stock reports–It is one thing to have a trendy, feature-rich shop, but orders are what matters most. Our stunning, detailed reports panel is built into our E-Commerce solution. You can check the overall performance of your stores in one glance, or drill down and inspect daily sales, monthly sales, individual product sales, top sales, and top earners. Fine-tuning your store and pushing it to maximum output.

Customer Orders

Customer service–Consumers are handled by the user management features of WordPress, of course. But each user has their own safe account section on the front-end where they can add several shipping and billing addresses, review and monitor past and present orders, manage their personal details and change their password.

Order management–Orders are the most important part of any online store, so the order management system is intuitive. You can add edit orders here manually, may stock and submit invoices via email. There’s even a handy order history section detailing when an order changes status.

Creating and selling all kinds of products-physical? Test. Check. Online Goods? Test. Check. Our E-Commerce solution empowers you to sell online efficiently. The focus of Product Management is on ease of use. No need to make e-commerce difficult. A variable offering presented perfectly to your potential customers.

Products & Inventory

Managing the inventory – Nobody wants to get caught with their pants down and you’ll know exactly what the situation is on your inventory with the inventory management software.

Shipping & Taxes

Shipping–Designed in robust shipping environments, you can specify shipping costs per product, or announce a flat rate for all of your goods, as well as offer free shipping. Extend these choices with our table rate shipping extension to identify specific shipping rates for different countries, or weight brackets differently. Lots of available shipping options through different extensions.

Financial control–Our e-commerce system provides comprehensive tax settings and solutions for serving independent boutiques up to conglomerates worldwide. Set up multiple tax rates intuitively for different regions, as your online store goes international!

Marketing & Promotions

Banners and coupons-Generate discount coupons to help with special promotions for your customers. The e-commerce system also provides the features that differentiate online retail from its counterpart offline: product reviews from your customers, automated upsell & cross-sell and related goods.

Payment Gateways

We’ve protected you–our e-commerce system provides a fantastic payment solution that allows you to easily insert your favorite payment gateway into your website and immediately start processing orders. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of adding your own payment gateway, through the additional extensions, our E-Commerce solution supports a wide range of common payment gateways.


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  • Showcase your products with pristine photography
  • Categorize and Organize your products
  • Use the Best Payment Methods

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